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嵌入式串口转无线以太网802.11a/b/g/n模块 PremierWave EN

PremierWave® EN
Embedded Linux Wireless Device Server

    • Small form factor measuring 55mm x 30mm
    • 802.11 a/b/g/n solution with Selectable Dual Band Radio (2.4GH z or 5GH z)
    • Linux Operating System with IP v6 Support
    • Adds Wi-Fi to devices with the highest enterprise-grade security and authentication protocols
    • Lantronix SmartRoam™ technology* provides seamless mobile connectivity and improved reliability
    • Includes full TCP/IP stack and web server
    • Robust set of interfaces that include Ethernet, Serial, USB , I2C, and SPI
    • Low power consumption modes
    • Powerful applications customization platform with 32-bit AR M9 Processor
    • Virtual IP (VIP ) Access to gain remote connectivity behind firewalls
    • Ethernet-to-Wireless LAN bridging provides seamless connectivity for wired Ethernet devices
    • Advanced Applications Suite including:
      • tunnelling
      • secure tunnelling
      • Configuration Manager
      • Web-based Configuration Manager
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